Nero and Memorex 48X burner problems

I purchased a Memorex 48MAXX 1248AJ burner late 2002 and the performance of it was minimal. After I bought a new Sony CD-ROM CDU5221 drive, which states it goes 52x, I thought my speeds would increase. I installed the newest version of Nero the other day ( and tried to copy from CD to CD. My recorder buffer level kept rising and dropping anywhere from 2% upto 98%. I asked a friend and he said to defragment my computer because that might be a factor. I defragmented it and nothing changed. I need help because I copy and burn alot of CD’s and with the slow speeds, I can’t do asmuch as I like. So please, give me advice on what to do. Thanks

Have you activted DMA in Windows ??? Or try to use Alcohol for 1:1 copy it has bigger buffer.

I activated both of the DMA’s and now instead of taking about 15mins, it took only 9 to burn a full 700mb file. Thanks so much but if there are any other suggestions, PLEASE tell me. Before activating the DMA, i ran a “maximum speed” finder in nero to see how fast it could burn and it said “can only write at 12x instead of 48x, because your source data is too slow”. Changing the settings with the DMA, it not says “can only write at 24x instead of 48x, because your source data is too slow” so it brought the speeds up a little. But if there is any more advice, please post. Thanks

have u tried using nero cd speed to test how fast the respective drives can actually read and write?

This one sent me into a loop for about 3days, then i finally figured it out… Heres the solution!

it is the type of Cd’s that you use…if you dont believe me here is the proof

insert a cd rom into your burner then run Nero Drivespeed, select the drive, then hit options, then hit detect it will give you the fastest read speed for that cd type…

Insert another cd rom of a different brand and hit detect on the options menu…

Continue to do this with different brands of cd’s untill you get one that is able to be detected for your maximum read speed… and continue to use these brand and make of cd’s till you die…LOL (joking)

I was using memorex cd-r’s with the white covering on the top and i was able to get maximum speed on my burner then memorex switch to some cd-r’s with out the white covering and now nero only detects 16x max when i have a 52x burner (lite on) now i have to find some disc that will optimize me to the fullest once again!!

Hoped this was helpful…this is also the soloution for ppl getting the famous Nero Error…Source data speed too slow… One more note make sure the disk are maximum for your reader as well… cuz a reader…only reading @ 12x will give you the Source Data speed too slow error…so buy good disk for your reader and writers