Nero wont recognise new writer?

I have changed my DVD Writer ,I now have a NEC3520a
when I now try to use Nero it tells me I have no DVD writer !!
What do I do to get it to recognize the NEC ?

Hi TwoCollies,

Nero came out LONG before the NEC 3520A router was available. Nero could only support the drives that were available at the time of the release. was the last version of the Nero 5.5 series. If you want Nero to recognize your drive, you will have to upgrade to Nero 6.

ThanK-you very much for your advice , I’ll upgrade to Nero6

In both US and UK, and probably many other parts of the world, you can source a cheap OEM version of Nero 6…

Suite 1 is INTENDED for CD-RW, but should still work on DVD … it lacks the MPEG2 encoder and a few other extras.

Suite 3 is the OEM suite that you’d expect to find in a DVD writer bundle.

Alternatvely, there are some other programs, that tend to handle drives in a more “generic” manner.
Deepburner, Free or Pro
No DL support yet