Nero problem

If I try to burn an audio cd Nero will not let me past 78 minutes, it throws up a “not enough space on media” error box :confused:

Its doing it on my Liteon Combo and Pioneer 106. Also, tried various media and it still does it!

I have Fireburner and Discjuggler installed and they both go to 80 minutes for audio cds no problems…any ideas/solutions?


That is a known bug in both 5.5 and 6 latest Nero versions. Ahead will release fixed versions in the future. In the mean time I recommend “burnatonce”, a very good freeware burning software.

You could also just go back to using Nero or until Ahead releases a new version.

Cheers…I’ll go back to Nero and see if that helps. I’ll also check out this burnatonce tool as well.

Thx again :bigsmile:

Going back to Nero should definitely fix your problem. I found that going back to worked for me.

I’m have the same issue with so maybe you will fare better with
I just burned with Diskjuggler like I should have originally instead.