Nero vs

My needs are simple, and Nero 5.5.x suites me just fine, Nero 6 IMO is actually bloated, so please do not suggest version 6.

As I see it Nero is the last known released version of the 5.5.x series, I currently have and have no known issues with it at all. Can someone please give me pro’s or con’s since I can find no revision history on 5.5.x versions or of any known bugs in the new version that mean I should avoid it?
Or is there something that’s worth the upgrade?
Perhaps more cd-rw drives listed?

Should I leave good enough alone or is there something worthwhile for me to make this free upgrade?
Any feedback is welcome, thanks all!!!

please don’t move into recording software forum yet, I want extra feedback and to have it here for a few days first… thx shows major bugs with PX-708A (at least), haven’t noticed anything perticular except that.

it seems like it belongs here anyways - imo.