Nero .nra compatibility problem

I installed this latest version and found that the program will no longer re-open a compilation (*.nra file) the way it was left. Some titles will be scrambled and all pauses are reset to 2 sec.

Re-installed ver. and all is well again!


so whats the problem?

what is the problem???


he is worried, and so should we perhaps, the newer versions are not compatible with older ones.
That could be a big problem for some people who keep compalitions


If the problem is reproducable (got not time now to test it myself) you might want to report this to Ahead. Surf here :wink:

ps I edited the title of this thread to a more specific oneā€¦

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.

Apparently there is a bug in the program. In the meantime, please stay with the
old version Nero until Our Engineers can resolve this issue.

Best regards
Al Valerio

Ahead Support Team

I think this person is trying to give us info for our knowledge base. Lets just agree to acknowledge it :wink:

Latest version just released is ,using it with no problems so far . Might solve your problem,it`s not listed on ahead site yet but is up on the link.

it is also on the ftp server of ahead