Software used - Nero, DVD2ONE ver 1.12, Imgtool ver1.00.1

Everything plays OK on my standalone (Yelo 800 DVD)

Upgraded nero from to

Backed up Phantasm but It would not play in my Yelo.

Reverted back to the older version of Nero - redid it and plays OK

Has anyboby had problems with the latest ver of Nero ??



I upgraded my nero to last nite.

I burned 5 movies and everything is fine, just like before upgrading nero :slight_smile:

I have a Pioneer A05 and im using Sony 2X media, and testing it on a daewoo 5700 player

Good luck!

I think it depends on the player you are using. My Panasonic XP50 will not read disks burnt with Nero either.

You can use Nero to burn DVDR’s many different ways, such as DVD-Video, UDF or UDF/ISO. The later option and with UDF type at 1.02 gives the best playback compatability.

But it is still no real dvd-video; the daytek player of my parents doesn’t read these nero dvd’s. For example, when using udf 1.02, it doesn’t start the last title…

When using ImgTool Classic (which itself uses mkisofs to create the image) or DVD Maestro, there is no problem, so it’s again Nero which is the fault

I’m very happy with the latest Nero (v5.5.10.20).
The last 30+ movies I did play on every standalone player I can get my hands on (which WAS NOT the case with Nero v5.5.10.0).

Using UDF/ISO with UDF v1.02 and not relaxing the ISO9660 restrictions!!

alexnoe, can you confirm the last title drop on more than one occasion…because I really can’t find any problems anymore…:slight_smile:

Burn baby burn, DVD inferno! :smiley:

I also have had problems seemingly due to

I was using v5.5.10.15 for quite a while and have burnt many cds without any errors…

Last nite I upgraded to and I started getting read errors on the CD’s I had burnt. I had also been burning CD’s with CloneCD, of which those read OK.

I started checking the cds using CD Diagnostic complete scan and while the cds burnt with clonecd and nero read with 0 errors, the CDs burnt on were coming back with errors usually at the end of the disc, and some also at the beginning.

All the CDs are the same brand from the same spindle and there is no reason why some would have a problem.

I reverted to and reburnt my cds again and scanned with Diagnostic, now 0 errors.