[Nero] Strange unreadable sector

Hi all, I’ve just burnt a multisession CD with nero @ 52x [I own a Liteon 52246S], then I made a scandisc with CDspeed2000 and this is the result:

As you see all sectors are good except the last which is unreadable…this happened to me many times, so my question is if this error is normal for nero or it’s a speed problem [maybe smartburn is wrong when it says that the supported speed of my 40x cds is 52x].
Thx in advance,
solka :slight_smile:

It’s normal for an unfinalized multi-session disc to show an unreadable final sector. The incomplete link blocks that would point to the next session are the cause.

What version of CD Speed are you using? I think the newer versions may not show that sector as red.


Thank you for your answer :smiley:
Unfortunately also the newest version of cdspeed2000 [the one I’m using] shows this final sector.

I still wouldn’t worry about it. Test the disc again after you have finalized it, and I think you will find that it shows all green.