Nero says CD-R isn't large enough



I’m burning a 76 minute audio cd using Nero and Lite-On 48246S SS0B and then SS0C. Nero says that the media isn’t large enough to copy the cd and ejects anything I put in the Lite-On. I burned a copy ok using and SS0B and then decided to update to This is when I got the error. Then I updated to SS0C and same thing. Multiple brands of blank cd-rs were used to no avail. Only when I reverted back to did it allow me to copy without ejecting the cd-r first.
Any help is appreciated.

I’m using:
Win 2000
Nero Burn Rights
Lite-On 48246S SS0C
Fuji (Taiyo Yuden) 40x cd-rs
Imation cd-r
Memorex cd-r
TDK cd-r


mebbe you should change your settings under Preferences?


Is OverBurn enabled in Nero?

Also, I think you need to burn using Disc-At-Once when you overburn, but don’t quote me on this… That is how I got mine to work I think, or else, everything I click BurnCD, the cd would just eject and tell me to put in a bigger cdr.