Nero Network Burning

I understand that Nero.Net permits access to shared burners…what if I want to burn from folders over the network in plain Jane Nero?

I have now mapped a folder as a drive but do I have to do this to burn? I thought I could just browse the network and drag n drop that way - tell me I’m dreaming? Am I so dumb as to assume that the network is available in Nero - but there’s a damn option that says cache files from the network… :confused:

The network is there to be used, the right side of each grab is the Nero Explorer:

As you can see, there are no network drives or folders (the shared ones of course) and, ah, please don’t be afraid to post, I need help sometimes, too :wink: Inertia, where are you?!

have you tried it yet? im thinking that it works - so long as you have permissions to access the files.

Are you having trouble burning from the mapped network drive? You should be able to do that.

As for browsing and selecting files directly through “My Network Places”, I don’t believe that Nero is capable of that, or at least I’ve never found a way to do so. You have to map a network drive to make remote files available to Nero. But at least Nero recognizes that the files on the mapped drive reside on the network and makes some attempt to compensate for potentially slow network access. That is what the “cache network files” setting refers to. When you check that option, Nero will copy a portion of the network files (depending on your cache settings) to your local hard drive before burning. This helps prevent buffer underrun conditions due to slow network access.

Personally, I haven’t found Nero to be very satisfactory when burning from network drives, although this may be more a function of Windows networking than of Nero. I find that it works better to cache the network files manually by creating my own temporary directory on the local machine, copying all the files into that directory over the network, and then burning from the temporary copy I made. So, I don’t really miss network browsing via “My Network Places” from within Nero.


Ive gotten it to work when i had a two computer home network set up. I had mapped the network drive with the hard drive of the other comuter, and was just able to browse through, drap and drop and burn no problems. Oh and i did uncheck cache network files, with only two comps, my network was fast.

So try to share the entire drive with the files you want to burn accross the network, map that hd on computer shown in your screen shots, and see if that works for you, whether or not you cache them is up to you.

Ive also encoded a divx movie from the vobs on the other comp to the divx file on my comp using the same method.

The mapped drive worked: I mapped a mate’s data backup area as drive I:\ and then dragged n dropped in the Nero Browser. For some reason I thought I could just browse shares but it appears that they have to be mapped - bad luck if you’re up around 25 or 26 drives :wink: So the “cache network files” feature must be for mapped drives - bugger!

I should’a’ just used Disc Juggler :o