Nero - Feedback?


anyone installed this latest Nero release? Definitely would like hear how others are experiencing writing to +RW. I have a Nec ND-1100A and had nothing but troubles with this release …



yeah, new day new Nero version I guess.

This is kinda ridiculous if you ask me.


i have used the Nero Express software that came with the Verbatim Producer DVD+R/RW drive. I cant express just how much I hate that product. I think its pretty crappy!!! I believe there is a version of regular Nero that has support of dvd burning but i havent checked into it yet. For now I am using Alchohol 120% and i am fairly happy with it.

btw - shouldnt this be in the dvd software section?

Were you having problems w/ a previous version of Nero? If not, restrain yourself from reinstalling Nero every time a new version comes out. Using 5.5.10 at the moment, it’s all good.