Nero A couple of odd!

OK…So far Nero has served my purposes fine, but considering I am new to this board, I will probably be converted to some other software at some time in the near future, but for now, I have a lot of work in my Nero app, and will use it for a little while longer…but, before I take 50mg of valium as a result of my NERO madness tonight, I thought I would ask the massess if they could help me with the following two problems…:

  1. I suspect the answer to this one is NO, but instead of “cross-fading” between tracks when putting together an audio CD, is there anyway to fade out the first track and start the next track during the fade out of the previous track, BUT AT A NORMAL VOLUME. In other words no cross fade, but rather cross the tracks with only the first one fading out… Any ideas? If not, what software for burning audio CDs performs this type of mixing best? [I am a DJ, and I love making Cd’s for friends, and while I do not get into beat mixing on the CD’s, I would like to have a little more control in the track sequencing]

  2. With the Nero Cover Designer, is there anyway to update the compilation data? For instance, let’s say I spend two hours putting together a really fantastic custom CD cover (usually starting from any template (I just swap images); I change fonts, colors, sizes, etc., and then I think it looks beautiful. Before I print it, I notice a spelling error in one of the tracks, like it is supposed to say “Kid Rock”, but for some reason the original MP3 from the Nero Burning Rom module said “Kip Rock”. If I go into Nero Burning Rom and correct the error, can I now somehow update the data to the cover without having to start all over again from scratch???

I am not computer illiterate, but have tried for hours to do do just that to no avail. SOMEONE please help me!!! :confused:

1- Nero is good with audio files, but it only does the basic of audio manipulation. The best thing to do in situations like that is to look on the net for some more “Pro” music packages (I can’t think of any right now that will do what you ask, but there will be some), do whatever you want with the audio and then burn it with Nero (remember to save your work to a format that nero can understand such as MP3, Wav etc…).

2- I wish there was a simple way to do this, as I have mistyped myself from time to time, but the best way I have found is to edit the text directly from the cover designer and not from Nero, Just select the text and select Properties, the resulting window will change depending on what type of cell it is (free format text, cd listing tree etc) but just look at all the tabs and you will find the offending word.

Hope this helps.

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“acoustica mp3 audio mixer”
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