Nero Due to patent license restrictions mpeg2 encoding is not availabl

how do I fix this? This software came with my 52x liteon drive I think its only fair I should be able to use it fully.

Can anyone help me out?

Worst case I have to buy it, do I get a discount since I already own the software?

email please it is not emailing me when new people post on my threads right now.

The Nero package whether it comes with your CD-Recorder or if you purchase it seperately has several limitations. E.g. You can only rip up to 30 tracks into MP3 / MP3Pro, AAC encoding is limited to 50 tracks, MPEG-2 is an addon purchase, etc. The reason for these restrictions is that these utilities all require seperate licenses. Nero’s website ( ) provides options to purchase these addons seperately, although each is priced differently. As you already need a licensed copy of Nero to purchase any of these, I don’t think they will give you a discount just because it’s shipped with a CD-Recorder.

This is much like Microsoft in a way, e.g. if you Purchase the Plus pack for Windows XP, most of the utilities that come with it are limited functionality, hard to believe. :eek: This applies to many other software products as well, including Roxio’s Easy CD creator standard edition.

If Nero were to ship with fully licensed codecs, then Nero itself will be a very expensive product, and thus wouldn’t be competitive against other CD recording products.

I’m a little off the topic but if you wan’t a great burning program to burn SVCD, then I recommend you use VCDEasy
It’s freeware and recommended by CD-Freaks moderator ChickenMan.

Shoey :cool: