Nero adds support for Nero MPEG4-AAC plugin

I just posted the article Nero adds support for Nero MPEG4-AAC plugin.

kerminen used our newssubmit to tell us that while Ahead has not updated their website with the changelog of Nero he has found out that this version adds support for the much anticipated…

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There are many AAC encoders including AAC compatible MP3 players out there, but so far, I haven’t even heard of a PC software AACPlus encoder yet. Coding Technologies have been boasting about it being supperior to MP3Pro for the last year, but there are no samples let alone encoders out there that I’ve come across of.

In PC World, I’ve seen Nero being sold for roughly €70, but 40x12x48 Liteon CD-recorders for €85 bundled with Nero. I’d wonder why Nero costs about as much as the drive itself, since the drive also comes with Nero. The only difference I can see is that the drive-bundled Nero only works with that drive model. The AAC encoder bundled with Nero requires an extra license, just like the MP3Pro encoder.

“much anticipated Nero MPEG4-AAC plugin” They’ve got to be kidding, as Im’ sure there are 5,000 people waiting for .OGG support to 1 AAC person.

I for sure don’t need MPEG4-AAC. But I’m waiting for Ogg Vorbis plugin for a very long time now. Why the hell do they not implement it. they don’t have to pay any licence or other fees to implement it and yet they have done nothing. :frowning: Common Ahead. Implement OGG VORBIS support!!!

Does someone know where i can find a comparisation betweeen different encoders (like Lame, Fraunhofer, Thompson, Nero MPEG4 AAC)? Because I want to use the best format, and therefore i need a test somewhere!

If you guys really want OGG support in Nero, why don’t you bitch in whine where someone from NERO can actually hear it. Why don’t you flood them with e-mails till you get the response you want.

If you want the highest quality mp3 you can use the Lame encoder with the switch : --alt-preset standard

I agree with Domino. We have to demand ogg Vorbis from Ahead. Write them e-mails requesting Ogg Vorbis support until they give it to us. Here is their e-mail address: