Nero installation problem with win2000

Hi i have just upgarde my pc to a celeron 566 p3 asus board
when i was using win2000 and a p1 233 and nero i can install it .now it seems impossible to install after i insert the serial nero ask me wich installation i want and the next page i should be able to choose wich user will be able to use nero and the burnner but i can’t click on any group of user because the box is empty the only choice i got is to press cancel
thanks helping

Have absolutly the same problem…:confused:

win2k and Nero

Ok, here’s what i’ve done after i searched whole google and whole ahead support website and couldn’t find anything usefull ^^

On the Nero install CD there’s a folder called only “Nero”. I copied it somewhere onto my harddisk and startet the nero.exe in this folder. It asked me to put in my serial number and after i’ve done that, I only had to choose my CD Recorder.

In the following simulation and the burning of the CD there occurred no problem.
no idea how and no matter why, but it functions :wink: