Nero 5.10.15 crashes my system

Im having problems with this version.

I install it but it wont let windows start up. It says msgsrv32 not responding.

Has anyone got any ideas why its crashing out? Ive never had any problems with older versions.

The only way i could sort the problem was by starting in safe mode and removing nero then i could get into windows again.

OS= 98SE

It’s got nothing to do with Nero. I had that problem with Virtual CD, Daemon Tools, etc. Other people had it with Alcohol, etc.
Then other people didn’t have any problem at all with the same programs. It’s obviously a Windows flaw.

It only happens with .15 version of nero so it must be something that nero is trying to do that is hanging the system. If i put the old version on it runs fine.

I need to know what the new version is doing in the background to cure the fault

I have also got a similar problem-windows me just wont start properly. Keeps freezing whilst loading the desktop icons. When ctrl/alt/del pressed it responds with desktop not responding. I also have a problem accessing drives even in safe mode.
Now reformatted with windows xp but havn’t tried nero yet!

If you’ve got problems with the latest version of nero, you’re not alone. See here.

Nero has released ver to fix the problem.

Krasimir said “It’s got nothing to do with Nero”

I knew I was right when i though it was nero that was at fault :slight_smile:

facts speak against the nero directed attack.
As you can see above, same problem has occurred with other programs having virtual cd features.
So u can kiss my ass.

Nero admitted the problem and released an update

end of story