Nero has been released!

I just posted the article Nero has been released!.

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Nero has been released!

What’s New:

  • New Recorders: AOpen CRW1232, Creative CD-RW RW121032E, HP CD-Writer+ 9100b,…
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Nero zuigt… !!!
the best motherf*ckin full mastering software available…

Can some1 help me plz?
Up to 5003 everything works perfect.
Since then, the upgrades i used give me the following prob:
"Change of write speed due to media"
So in stead of writing at max4 is will only write at 2x
i own a philips cdrw(404) 4-4-34
I would put this in the forum, but hey, since it’s off (again)…
Any help is app.
And plz no sh*t about buying plextor huh?

  1. dont upgrade! unistall and make a clean instalation.
  2. search for a new firware

hope it works…

The adress to the firmware page isn`t:

you can’t burn dreamcast cd’s with it !!!
that sucks.

You CAN burn DC stuff with it.
Use CDIRIP to convert the DJ Image then use BIN2ISO to get to Nero data format.

Check for a v5.0.3.1 serial!


Whats the problem with Nero I want to try this CD burning program, but if i see the forum here, there must be something wrong, could anyone tell me why this release isn’t the best??

Ah, new version… that’s my cue
No probs with Nero works great for PSX and DC thingies.

I have Plextor 121032S and it´s not reconized by Nero anyone has same problem?

What al this crap about NERO not being any good??? I personally think it’s great. For all copy protected backups I use CloneCD but for the rest only NERO and it has never let me down :smiley:


If NERO doesn’t find your toaster you better download the generic driver tool from Ahead. (

Very, Very good … but does anyone have a serial number ???

Thanks in Advance

And but does anyone have a serial number already???

Well said Gamefreak, I agree with CloneCD and Nero you dont need anything else, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, I swear if I hear one more newbie bitch about CloneCD and Nero I’m going to scream.

Once and for All, there are a lot of places where you can find info on how to configure your Burning software for that specific task (I’m not mentioning DC or Playstation, that would be wrong heheh). These places aren’t even that hard to find ( and here I’m not mentioning that would also be wrong)

YOu know something Gamefreak_cd_copy the only thing these Burn Masters Wannabees are good for is Burning Marshmellows on the camp fire not CD on the writer.
Let is suffice to say to each its own, catch my drift. Don’t boil your blood for their sheer ignorance, these are the people that swear Adaptec was the best they have used, need I say more???!!!

MARSHMELLOWS??? his burner must just smoke!!!