Nero update available

I just posted the article Nero update available.

Submitted by: ploegske

Changes from to

new recorders: Actima ARW8432E, ARW8432P. BTC IDE8x4x40, BCE840IE, IDE8432,…

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YEEEES!, dat is mooi!

this has been out for a while now, I’ve had it for like over a week
Just shocked to find it only just posted that’s all.
Anyway - sorry for whining, this site rocks

Keygenerator? Hambo is the place to get it! (or my site if you’re dutch, and no I don’t want to mention it here just for the advertisement).

what difference where is between OEM and NORMAL of NERO5.0?

Look out with the new version of Nero I read here that this version of nero is not so good.

thank you! I have had the same problems