Nero and serial



Currently running the Nero demo. I have a serial for it too, but where do I enter it? I feel a little stupid asking this, but WTH ;-).


Most the time it is to find in the help --> about [or something like that]

but if you are update it over an existing nero version it will keep the pass from the older version [it says update …does it ]

but it also can happen that the software must first be 30 days old before the serial can be written.


It’s not possible to the serial via the Help menu, only online…

If I can’t figure out how to do it via the registry, I’ll have to wait and see what happens when the trial period is over. Are there different versions out, a demo and a retail version?


is it not fully working then??

otherwise you could check something in de registery…but i don’t know exact what to look for…


One solution is to uninstall all Nero software. Then install an (older) full version 4.xx. When started the fist time, Nero will prompt you for a SN. After this you can upgrade to

Good luck.


just change your computers date to the next month after first run of Nero ; run it again and it will ask you the serial


Well, it seems I HAVE a registered version by now (messed around with the registry among other things). When I set date in May, the program doesn’t ask me for a serial either. The only thing is, when I try to save single tracks from an audio CD to let’s a mp3 file on the HDD, I get a message saying I only can do it a limited amount of time (counting down from 30). Is that supposed to happen in a registered version?


No thats not supppose to happen with a reg one…guess you start deleting again and install again a version with a update…

because you now have a limited version of 30 times decode of mp3