Nero + Half-life



I'm trying to copy half-life from a friends copy of the game with nero

When i put the cd into my CDR (mitsumi 4801TE) the CDR reads the disk and tells me it's copyrighted then spits it out at me with a error message. Any thoughts or alternative programs that i can use? (i've tried CloneCD but that gives me a read error message)

thanks in advance



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The original half-life cd isn’t protected, so you must have used a copy with a custom-made cd-protection. Just use clonecd, when clonecd gives error-messages (in the log-file), its normal, but you must have the right hardware in order to use clonecd. I myself make custom cd-protections. (

  1. Large dummy files
  2. CD-PROTECTOR 3 (creates 3 encrypted dummy-audiofiles at the start of a cd)
  3. freelock (creates extra illigal tracks)

All of these protections are no problem to clonecd.

If nothing helps, just install half-life, apply the official update from to and use the no-cd from gamecopyworld!

Hope this helps


i dunno which version of half-life you are trying to copy, but i have successfully copied the original one (USA, always) and the game of the year edition. both with nero and both work fine. ask your friend if he put any copy prot. on the disc that he made, that might help you. if not, use somehting like blindread to read the disc, or while you’re in nero, choose the option to “ignore read errors” and “ignore illegal TOC” that may work also.