Whats the big difference between NERO and NERO something better in the mp3 to audio section?

just wondering if an upgrade is needed


I have the new version and I like it. The only difference is that when you start up Nero you get the same interface that Easy cd creator has, I have made about 6 to 10 burns with and no trouble with it at all. I have heard that to make Mp3’s into wave files is easy and better too.



If you have a new interface, then you have another Nero than I have, or I have to get a pair of glasses… :wink:

Anyway, this is what Class says:

Changes from to

  • 30 times MP3-Encoding with ultrafast brandnew MP3-Encoding engine from Fraunhofer
  • Audio File Encoding between formats
  • Video CD: non-VCD 2.0 MPeg-files are allowed now
  • Nero Wizard improvements
  • Increased read-speed and more options for copy on-the-fly
  • Improved button usage in user-interface
  • Editing of Joliet-filenames now enabled
  • bugfix: long tracks on a Video CD were truncated slightly when played on non-CDI players
  • bugfix: two or more identical drives in a PC could have made problems for CD copy - bugfix: Nero wave files could have contained wrong information in their header

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Is anyone having a problem with Nero

That is, when you put in a CD that is copyrighted i.e. halflife and you try to copy the CD nero says “CD is copyrighted” and spits it back out at you

it’s never happened in any other version of nero so i had to “drop” back to version which worked fine

Any thoughts



I had the same problem but did copy that (or any) CD.
Don’t remember though, how I did it!

I thought I had made an image on the HD only and after that I burned the Image.

Not sure…


VB9999 You must have the Nero Wizard turned on. Look at the Help menu item.

I tried my hand at building a web site. Have a look what do u think??