I use a Creative 4424 Writer with Nero.
I make good copies of any cd (audio or data).
But I can not make a compilation cd. For example 1° data cd (150 MB) + 2° data cd (200 MB). I use the compilation window to drag and drop all the files and it looks like he is copying these files to my harddisk. I can also see the status bar homuch MB he will need to write the things that are already in the compilation window. So no problem until there; but when I start burning I can see an error message in the specific ‘status’ window where you can follow what he is burning. After each file he writes 'can not read from “the machine” (?). In dutch it says: kan niet van het apparaat lezen.
Can anyone help me?
Greetz, Spoelle.


Thanks for the reply but I already have made good working compilation cd’s before with my configuration and this version of Nero. I just took all the parts out of my computer to clean them and then put it back together.
And just now I am having this problems so this Nero version is OK for me.


Save yuor version of nero on cd,uninstall it ,install new version see if it works.If you don’t like the new version,reinstall the old one.