Nero 3rd party removal

can anyone here help me with this matter,i’ll really appreaciate your help…thanks in return

I"m not a Nero user but they do provide a tool for removing it, I believe it’s called Nero Clean Tool. Not sure what you mean by “3rd party”. If you mean a removal tool by someone other than Nero, then look at Revo Uninstaller, the 32bit version is free, the 64bit version isn’t.

i’m stuck at nero 3rd party patent activision in nero vision,do u know how to bypass that

[QUOTE=iory88;2575984]i’m stuck at nero [B]3rd party patent activision [/B]in nero vision,do u know how to bypass that[/QUOTE]

I really hope you didn’t pay for a tool to remove Nero when you can get the tool for free, because if you did most likely you’ve been scammed and probably infected your system :eek:

my nero vision on nero 9 cannot be proceed,it ask 3rd party patent activision, so i wanna bypass that patent activision,so is anyone here know how to bypass it,i’ll really appreciate your help in adv

Certain features within Nero require third party licencing including encoding/decoding of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC-H264 and Dolby Digital audio.

All the program is doing is asking you to activate your third party licence which is included as part of the Nero package.

If you’ve problems activating this online then email Nero’s tech support staff at and they’ll give you a serial that you can enter manually.