Nero 3 Linux News?

Are there any news for Nero 3 linux???
Information about Nero 4 Linux? :slight_smile:
Nero Recode for Linux? :slight_smile:
The future of Nero linux ?



We are currently working on some nice updates… but I cannot tell you more about it now.
Just keep an eye on our website in the next few months…

Hmm, sounds interesting. And a little offtopic. Were you thinking about Nero for OSX?

i can tell you!

NeroLINUX Express is planned.
(the same as nero Express for windows but for linux). :cool:

More insider-Information have i yet not. But i post it if i have more.

Hi mathf,
Its October,any news?
Nero 9 - Nero 4 Linux? :wink:

Please give us some Clue guys

Version 3.5.2 is up now. Just bug fixes.

Just to make things clear: version is not the “nice updates” I was speaking about :slight_smile:
Just stay tuned…

[QUOTE=mathf;2159946]Just to make things clear: version is not the “nice updates” I was speaking about :slight_smile: Just stay tuned…[/QUOTE]
I agree with eisregen–Nero Recode for Linux would be super great.

I can’t wait. A bunch of the Linux guys swear by k3b and rave how it’s free. I have it but always turn to Nero because of it’s dependability. It may not have of the features (yet) of k3b, but when I want something to work right the 1st time, it’s the only one that doesn’t ever let me down.

Thanks Nero…

I believe that commercial software can reside with Open Source in harmony. As the post stated above, if it works the way we like it to, we’ll use what works. I too learned Nero on Windows but use Linux exclusively, and the Nero that I have on Linux works wonderfully. As they add features, it will only strengthen my attraction to it. It’s best not to be ideological about it…use what you like and what works. Paying a modest fee for commercial software isn’t a crime…you can always choose not to buy and/or use it.

As it’s now December; if buying Nero Linux 3.5.x now I wonder if there will be a free upgrade to the updated version (4.0?) when it becomes available? on the page. What’s new with this one?

Just stay tuned…

mathf… its year 2009.

any news ?

Ihr wollt doch nur nero 4 für linux auf der Cebit vorstellen.:slight_smile: und Kasse machen.:frowning:

Just stay tuned…

mathf… its year 2009.

any news ?

I hope that they do not try to port their shiny new .NET components over to Linux (Mono). The installer of Nero 9 is said to be very slow, this is not well received. Installation of Visual Studio 2008 or Vista Service Pack 1 takes ages, no need to copy that “new and enhanced” technology over to the Linux platform. And, BTW, it is a support nightmare as Microsoft does not provide a Linux version of .NET for speedy availability (Mono lags behind years).

I would like to see more Nero components ported over, and I would pay the higher price accordingly, claro. I want a media player (DVD, Flash (flv) video +audio, and many more formats) with licensed codecs so that I can throw any media to it and it plays them correctly. It would be nice to do it on 64 Bit systems as well, do not forget them. If some infrastructure is still missing on Linux, I am sure the Linux community will help to provide it. They only need some qualified input from software producers (ISVs). Companies like nVidia and AMD/ATI would give more support for GPU based video acceleration on Linux if an ISV asks for it than if only some technically inclined and highly motivated customers do it.

On my wish-list is streamlined functionality to create DVD video and Blu-Ray HD video included authoring tools, based on mpeg2 and h.264 avi footages from HD camcorders or editing systems.

Oh yes, I need a content creation tool as well. I have 40 GB of DV video material from my last vacation and wonder how I can create a DVD with menus using Linux. I do not want to use command line tools and research usage for hours, I value my time more and want to buy a tool for the job with a GUI and designed workflow.

I wonder why the products from Adobe and Magix are not ported yet: During my vacation I saw masses of tourists, and every family had one video camera recording the Tropicana show. Ok, burning media is more widespread, but video content creation is surely asked for by many people.

And on Linux, it is a hassle to work on multimedia stuff at the moment, as there are many patented codecs and likewise many details to taḱe care of, because open source software producers obviously cannot pay for a license. Most people want a quick solution for a reasonable price.

Actually, I would prefer that codecs were developed with worldwide federal funding and provided for everybody free to use, this would lead to a new multimedia economy with many new possibilities and products. But the governments decided to “outsource” this to privately funded research institutes like the Fraunhofer institute, so we all pay a price for it (or not - but this really sucks up free time to figure it out, time in which people could be productive or relax).

Seeing the problems with the DVD regional code which hampers fair-use rights, I vote once more for federal research. People buying a movie twice to see it on vacation in another country is not adding value to society.

But at the end of the day, I want to create my DVD and nothing else. I already voted against this stupid primitive protectionalism by not switching to HD video (Blueray).