Nero 3 Burn Error

Dear Friends, I have limited knowledge in creating VCD’s. I am experiencing problem with Nero 3 and I am attaching the log for the same. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have tried solutions from other similar threads like Changing media, installing APSI.

Nero 3 is very, very outdated.

You should have at least Nero 6.6.x.

Yes indeed.

@senior_badmaash: in any case we can’t see the log, I’m afraid. Do you know how to add one or would you like some help…?

Sorry about that. Here are the attachments.

LOG21.txt (72.3 KB)

LOG22.txt (95.7 KB)

LOG23.txt (83.7 KB)

Okay, you are trying to create a VCD.

I would use other media, Verbatim preferred, and lower the burnspeed to 16x.

[21:51:34] NeroAPI Speed measurement completed: 60x (9,014 KB/s)
[21:51:34] NeroAPI Burn process started at 24x (3,600 KB/s)
[21:52:00] NeroAPI Write error

You are using NVE, therefore some 3.x version.