Nero 2016 Platinum and Stashimi give-away, share your memories and win!



We’ve just posted the following news: Nero 2016 Platinum and Stashimi give-away, share your memories and win![newsimage][/newsimage]

Get yourself a Christmas present by sharing your memories on the first time you burned a CD or DVD with Nero and win a free licence key to Nero 2016 Platinum and Stashimi audio and video recorder.

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D*mn…a few months too late!:bigsmile:
Already have that package…but happy too,because the discount was nice…:iagree:


I was living in my aunt’s basement near Detroit in the mid-90s. High-speed Internet hadn’t made it to my neighborhood yet so I was sill on Earthlink but my employer had a T1. One day Win98SE needed a bunch of updates but dial-up was too slow for that so I downloaded them at work to burn them to a CD. After several failed attempts with EasyCD Creator and a couple of freeware tools a coworker gave me a Nero trial CD. A quick install and my SCSI Philips drive was happily burning. This became my standard way to distribute updates to friends and family until they had high-speed Internet.


Sorry that was too long ago, I am 70 years old now and have never used anything but Nero


After several failed attempts with EasyCD Creator

What a surprise!:bigsmile:
@ that time,in cd-burning communities,the name for that program was changed to EasyCD [B]CREMATOR[/B] instead…:bigsmile:


I remember when Roxio sent me a boxed version to review, many years ago, at that time it was sold in stores right next to Nero. This was about 2005, I started the review and was going to compare it to Nero, I actually couldnt finish the review because i had absolutely nothing good to say about Roxio, and how it compared to Nero. Admittedly that was ages ago in this business, but back in the day of Optical madness with BenQ, Nec and Lg etc, Nero was a big part of my toolbox. Especially CD-DVD Speed.
For the record, Mods and Admins cannot enter this contest, I just wanted to share.


[QUOTE=roadworker;2765496]What a surprise!:bigsmile:
@ that time,in cd-burning communities,the name for that program was changed to EasyCD [B]CREMATOR[/B] instead…:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

That used to be Adaptec Easy CD Creator. Not much left of it here, but whenever I need to create a cover, Adaptec’s Jewel Creator is still in use on Windows 10 Enterprise x64… Anything CD is going Windows XP SP3 and the tools we all used to use (one of the few physical installs still in my house, the AUDIO RIPSTATION)


it was SOOOO long ago. I bought a RICOH 2x burner (1998?). I don’t recall the software though.Â


First time with Nero, hard to remember exactly what, as I’d been on a few programs before that - my first drive being a 4x CD-writer that came with Easy CD Creator.

A drive or two later, Nero was the included software, and I hated it at first sight, though after changing the horizontal split to the vertical split I was used to, was a lot happier with it, and it proved more reliable.

For a while, I also ran a freebie (had to get up early in the morning to grab it) of WinOnCd 5, for one feature, it’s audio editor with the unique “edit track” that allowed effects and adjustments to be added and removed at will, without degradation - though I’d then switch to Nero to burn the project.

In the end, purchased a later version to get more features, and while I still collect free offers that may do some task a way I prefer, Nero is my go to for most tasks - I tend to upgrade every other version or so.


Oh, very long time Nero at me …


2001 or 2002 don’t remember exactly bought a new Liteon DVD burner came with a full version of nero 5.?


I remember all the days of burning cds and testing to see what blanks worked best with all of the testing programs out there, bot I burned alot of cds for testing but it was never as bad back when I bought my first burner in 1994 when blanks were$10, a coaster back then really cost you


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Please use this topic to share your memories, as per the rules of the contest.


I bought a retail box version of Nero 5 when it was still on the shelf at BestBuy. Currently still using Nero 8 for all my burning needs, including BD.

BTW if I happen to win something, give it to someone else. :iagree:


In my collection is a new LiteOn LTR 52246S 2002 in the package BOX where I find a CD-ROM with Nero Burning ROM
But the archives have still some version of Nero Burning ROM 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6
Sure as I would have sought it certainly would have found something else …


I can directly go to a drawer to pick up Nero 5.5 OEM version which came with my Rico MP7200A burner,which was ,although less known than others,a great audioripper and burner…:bigsmile:
I have probably even older Nero versions around,but for those to find, I have to search my attic…:bigsmile:


Who won? I couldn’t find any announcement on Nero’s Facebook page:


You are one of them :wink: Check your PM!

The list of winners is: RTV71, Xercus, Matth, 35rem and pigpenz

Nero hasn’t posted yet indeed.


[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2766880]You are one of them :wink: Check your PM![/QUOTE]

Thanks. Would probably help if I actually logged in once in a while.