Nero 2014 Platinum Update Overview

We’ve just posted the following review: Nero 2014 Platinum Update Overview[newsimage][/newsimage]

The last time we looked at Nero it obtained our “Editor’s choice” award. So can Nero 2014 keep up the pace? Find out here in Myce’s latest update.

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Excellent review, very informative and I have to say I love the new GUI, very Windows 8ish. Thank you all this great information.

Thanksf or the reviw

Great review,Wombler!
I upgraded from 12.5 to 2014,but what still baffles me,is that with every new Nero version the video support improves,but there’s still poor support for subtitles…those options don’t evolve much…:frowning:

Thanks for the positive comments folks.

The objective for me was to provide an accurate overview so I’m glad people have found this useful already.

[B]@ roadworker[/B] - TBH I never know what they’ll change and there’s so much in this suite which is why I go through each component in detail, even if it ends up that with some of the components there’s very little to report.

Perhaps they’ll look at subtitles next?


I’ve sent an email to last year’s good Nero Support Tech that battled with me over Nero Recode’s failings (er, “choices”), and perhaps we can entice him back here again, this time trying to turn the heat up for these Subtitling improvements.