Nero 11 recode

I just purchased nero 11 and I went to copy a dvd movie to my harddrive it copied but when i went to burn it to a blank dvd-r it said there wasn’t enough space on the dvd , so i used recode to shrink it, it took forever, then when I went to drag and drop files to burn it, it said files weren’t compatible and wouldn’t let me burn the movie

If the movie is a commercially made one, then you have to remove encryption before you can copy it onto the hard drive. Nero does not remove encryption on dvds, and never has.

If this is a home made dvd movie, then the process should have worked.

So the first thing we need answered is what type of dvd-video do you have?

If it is commercially made, then you should download DVDFab (there is a free trial) and use it to decrypt and compress the movie. Even after the trial ends for DVDFab, it has a free section within it called DVDFab HD Decrypter which will continue to function as a dvd decrypter and ripper. So you will still be able to put a commercially made dvd on the hard drive, you just lose compression capabilities when the trial ends.

At that point, you can compress the movie with DVDShrink (free to download and use). DVDShrink is still a reasonably good compression program for dvd-video, its just ineffective against many newer encryption schemes seen on dvds. (get the download that says DVDFab DVD Copy)

The file that you ripped may have not been able to be burned to disc by nero because it’s not in m-peg2 format. If you want to burn digital files to disc i recommend dvd flick.

For converting, XMedia Recode is awesome and FREE, but it does not burn. DVD Flick is also awesome. Check out both