NERO 10 Multimedia



After I drag the files over and before I burn, it says on the bottom of the screen, ’ TOTAL SIZE ON DISC 6.4 GB - 2080 MB OVER
TARGET SIZE’ -Does that mean that I need 2 discs?


Yes, you’ll either have to split this into two parts beforehand, or you can burn to a double layer dvd. A double layer dvd will hold all of it.

If you decide to use a double layer dvd, get Verbatim +R DL disks. They are the only reliable ones that are widely distributed. You can buy them locally at Best Buy or Office Max if you are in the US.


Hello babeinthesprings,

you can also start a Nero DiscSpan (UDF) compilation and Nero will automatically split the data across multiple discs (CDs, DVDs, BDs) for you.

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