Nero 10 annoyance - heads up

I purchased Nero 10 HD platinum, or whatever silly name they have for the full package, when it came out. So far my only complaint is with the automatic update feature. I am running Windowd 7 professional, although I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Nero has made an improvement, from what I can see, in the automatic update, via control center, although it has a really annoying flaw.

After you click update, the files download and install, control center returns and informs you there is a new update. Unfortunately it is the same update it just installed. In order for the update to be completed, your computer will need to be restarted, although there is no notification of this. If you let it, control will keep downloading and installing the same update until you disable it or restart your computer.

I have asked Nero to please include a little bit of code to not look for updates until the reboot has been completed. Hopefully they will fix this problem soon, but other than that I have not found any problems, although I have not had a chance to fully explore the software. I have encoded and burned a few DVDs and everything worked fine.

Does your Nero 10 take over file associations on your system or does it let you pick which file to associate with Nero 10?? My Nero 9 did that and it screwed my files association setup. I am thinking of tossing out Nero 9 and going back to Nero 6 even though some have said it might not work properly with W7…?

I honestly don’t remember. I believe it asked, but in Windows 7 it is pretty to fix that. I had another software package do that and I have had to change several back. It certainly isn’t something I would consider changing over, I would have to dump most of the applications I use.

It would be nice if you could lock them in windows 7, and there may be, I just haven’t dug down that far into the policy settings.

Sorry, that shoulc read “in windwos 7 that is pretty easy to fix”

[QUOTE=Drum;2564362]Sorry, that shoulc read “in windwos 7 that is pretty easy to fix”[/QUOTE]

yes you must use file associations to change them back but I should be the one deciding which file association it should take and I have those unknown that nero 9 grabs regardless so I removed 9 from all my laptop but keep it on my desk top but I might also remove it as well from desktop and toss out that software and try loading Nero 6 back might have some limits but that version worked far better then 9 in not stealing file associations and it let’s me choose… that how sad this software has become… I probable never buy nero software again… I got if so it could write text to cd which was a great feature but I think just that feature blows when it steals file extensions that it shouldn’t have the right to take…