Nercom just mounts drive, then nothing with burn of data/multisession cd

Hi, I’m new to nerocom usage with, but with the help of this forum it has been very nice. So thanks for all the posts and replies here, they’ve all helped a bunch.

I’ve made a program that is supposed to burn m3u playlists out to iso, either a new data cd or continue a multisession disc. Everything works great (drive calls and info requests) until I click burn. When burn is clicked, nerocom just mounts my drive, and the onprogress event sends back a few calls right up to 100%, then goes back to zero and after this my drive just sits. I’ve checked for reported errors everywhere but they just aren’t anywhere to be found.

This here is my burn code:
Private Sub btnburn_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnburn.Click
Dim i As Boolean = False
For Each n As TreeNode In trcompilation.Nodes
i = checkcompilation(trcompilation.Nodes(0))
If (currentcdinfo.Tracks.Count > 0 And i = False) Then Exit Sub
‘’’‘this is just checking the iso for changes to see if a burn should be done
btnabort.Enabled = True
Dim iso As New NeroISOTrack
iso.Name = currentcdinfo.Title ‘’‘currentcdinfo is global, set in ondonecdinfo
iso.RootFolder = originaliso ‘’’‘originaliso is global, set in ondoneimport2
‘’’'relax joilet was commented out for testing

    Dim burnflags As NERO_BURN_FLAGS

    If activedrive.Capabilities And NERO_CAPABILITIES.NERO_CAP_BUF_UNDERRUN_PROT <> 0 Then
    End If

    If chkclosedisc.Checked = False Then
    End If

    Dim s As String = cmbspeed.SelectedItem.Substring(0, 2)
    s = s.Replace("x", "")
    Dim t As Integer = s * 150

    activedrive.BurnIsoAudioCD(Nothing, DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString, False, iso, Nothing, currentcdstamp, burnflags, t, NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_CD)
End Sub

after clicking burn, the drive becomes mounted and have to force an unmount of it, so I believe this goes to burn, but just finds an error, cancels the burn, and never reports the error. I have tried a new black CDR in tests, and a multisession CDRW with 2 sessions on it.
Any help is greatly appreciated, cause I have no idea what’s wrong, and therefore have no clue on what to do next…

I will post more code if needed.
Nero API version:
Using interface version:

well…nevermind on the help. I was checking out the example and seen that it also automatically selected the burn flags DAO and CD_TEXT, so I added them in and it burned my data cd with no problems. Now I just have to work on continuing multi-session discs.

Ok… after messing with that for a while, and thinking about what DAO (which is disc at once) stood for I commented that burn flag out and all is good now. Here is my code for my cdinfo, import2, and burn subs. Hope it helps anyone, and feel free to ask questions, cause this forum rocks.

1.txt (5.68 KB)