Hi there :bow:

My problem is that for the past month or so whenever i try to start Nero my computer restarts all by itself.

I’ve tried re-installing the software, erasing anything to do with Ahead software from the registry with no result.

Pls help :confused:


Have you tried a different version of Nero, your serial should work with an older version or an update.

Maybe has a bug?


Disable Automatically Reboot upon System Failure, write down the dll/exe-file that causes the BSOD and write it in a post here.


How do you know he boots into a BSOD?


I’ve tried installing version and my computer still restarts when i try to use nero!


Do a search for a file called drwtsn32.log or just drwtsn.log and check the last few lines of it, or post them here. It should have any faults that happened and sometimes lists useful info. It can possibly help narrow this down. have you tried any Nero 5.x versions. Also check to see what services youhave running, DMA, and disbale XP IMAPI form services.

Are you using XP btw?


Nero takes all ram once it is started and my system switches into kinda snail mode once Nero burns - Maybe that is your culprit. Run a mem diag like MemTest86+ (free on the Internet) to find out if your system is stable in terms of ram. If your box is overclocked - return to stock speed and see if the problem goes away…

my thoughts…


@ xtacydima
I don’t, it’s a qulified guess since the computer reboots.


try installing a old version like nero 5.5, then see if it still does it. nero 6 is very unstable.


The first Nero 6 versions had a few bugs in them, agreed, but the latest versions are quite stable…

@Bronco04, have you checked if DMA is enabled for all of your drives? If it’s not then your system will become very sluggish when using your optical drives. This is not a Nero problem.


Firstly i’ve performed a searcg for the files drwtsn32.log or drwtsn.log with no outcome.

Secondly, excuse my ignorance, but how do i check whether my DMA is enabled or not.

Thirdly, i have not tried to install the old 5.5 version. I will try it but I’d like to use the newer versions of nero and all their added facilities.

Thanks by the way for all your so far helping suggestions !!!


Hmm, running UDMA2 on all CDs and UDMA5 on all HDs but Nero sucks on my sys performance! I dont know why Nero is so ram greedy. I read today they released another new Nero revision but I am out of luck since it’s a 28MB download and this is too much for my 31Kbit dialup.


In the Device Manager/ IDE ATA controller select the channel where your device (burner) is attached to and see the properties (right click)


that version is trash,just dl new one .17 or .20.