I’m using NeroAPI to burn an audio (cda) cd in c++, how do I
1 Get the name or track number curently being burned to cd and
2 Get the time it will take to burn the cd

for question 1 I assume there would be a callback function which would give this info but can’t seam to figure it out, maybe I’m just missing something, as for question 2 it would be nice if again there was a callback function for this but I suppose it could be calculated based on the amount of data to be burned and the burn speed, but considering the lead in/out etc it’s not going to be the most accurate.
I appreciate all help on this as the SDK docs are… well lets just say they could be a LOT more informative


Perhaps one of Ahead’s people would be able to answer this as I can find anyone else

Sorry, but both things are not possible with the current NeroAPI.

As you already said, it is very hard to calculate an accurate remaining time.

Hi Matze
Thank you very much for your reply, the current track being burned was my main concern and I was pulling my hair out over this, and couldn’t figure it out. Perhaps it’s something that could be considered for a future release, say the Phase callback providing the track or file name being burned.

Thanking you