NeoDVD 7 only shows the first frame, before crashing the DVD player

Hi. I’ve tried to find the answer to this elsewhere on these posts, but have been unable to.
I’m completely new to all this - so please bear with me.

I’m trying to do the simple thing of transferring camcorder miniDVtape to DVD to watch in a bog-standard DVD player with TV.

I’ve managed to capture the stuff, and edit it using Pinnacle Studio 8. I’ve even gone htrough the motions of burning it onto DVD - which takes a few hours. It says the disc is created succesfully - but it doesn’t play in the DVD player or the PC.

I’ve managed to get it to work once using a shorter trial movie - but never again. Even with the same settings. On occasions, the reverse side of the disc doesn’t look like anything’s been burned on it at all.

I downloaded the trial version of NeoDVD7, and a similar thing happens - although looking at the disc, SOMETHING’S been burned on it - but put in it in the DVD player and it only shows the first frame, before crashing the DVD player. The PC won’t even recognise the disc.

Help! I seem to be doing everything as the software wants me to.

I’m using Philips DVD-R discs (4.7GM 120min 1-8x speed) and a SONY DVD RW DW-Q30A writer. Using Roxio Easy CD and DVD creator 6 will burn data DVDs perfectly.

Thanks in anticipation - and apologies if I sound stupid.

Check the video dvd files integrity by using ifoedit.