NeoDigits HVD2085 Review - Hi-Def Upscaling DVD Player

I just posted the article NeoDigits HVD2085 Review - Hi-Def Upscaling DVD Player.

With the growing demand for high definition TV sets and both Blu-ray and HD DVD players are expected to start off expensive, this makes it an ideal time to get the most out of DVDs, while making use of the HDTV’s capabilities. NeoDigits was kind enough to send us their latest upscaling DVD player, featuring HD upscaling over VGA, HDMI and Component HD. This review covers HD upscaling capabilities, picture quality, usability and features.

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Nice review. I’ve never heard of this company, but it’s interesting to hear about a region free DVD player that can upconvert to 1080p even over component video. Is there any chance that in future standalone player reviews that you could run the HQV benchmark which tests deinterlacing and progressive flag recognition abilities of the player? You can get the test disc here for $50 including international shipping or $30 plus shipping if you’re in the US or Canada: Keep up the good work guys.

its is the best espeel cause uccan copy :B :g :stuck_out_tongue: :+ :d :d :d :d

good software but very poor support they need a good shake up never answer your emails :frowning: :frowning:

It is an acceptable product but not truly exciting

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