Neistat brothers irked over 18 month iPod battery life

I just posted the article Neistat brothers irked over 18 month iPod battery life.

When these two talented video editors 18 month old iPod battery went dead, they gave Apple support line a jingle. Imagine their surprise when they found out the proprietary battery was going…

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i dont no if there traffic counter is right or what but when i was on the page i refreshed it a few times when looking at the traffic counter and the numbers was going up like in 20’s at one time. is there really that many diffrent people looking at the page at the same time?

I think so- it is all over the net. type iPod dirty secret into google. :slight_smile:
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I had a cordless drill and the rechargeable battery finally bit the dust…rang the distributors (as it was a discontinued model it appears) wanted $ 115 for a new battery…I only paid $ 85 for the drill, battery and case brand new…one would think being a discontinued line they would be glad to get rid of old stock…last ryobi tool I purchased…moral of the story??..well there probably isn’t one but now reading the story re: the ipod…it sure reaffirms my disgust at shonky corporations and their shady business practices…I guess some people never realise it’s the consumer that pays their salary…just thought I’d share that with ya…:X
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Why don’t they design portable stuff like this to use standard batteries? Same thing goes with other portable stuff like digital cameras.

Because then you’re little ipod wouldn’t be little anymore. Lithium Ion batteries are used because they are light, can be various sizes, and have no memory effect. Not to mention that they provide much more power than your regular ‘AA’ batteries in todays high drain CE products. ::

Providing more power is upto the manufacturer. E.g. In the old mobiles comparing nokia with samsung batteries - samsung lasted only 1/2 a day - and they’re bigger! It’s a ploy for manufacturer’s to make more money. They sell more accessories than the units themselves.
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The maker of the video admitted to me in a PM on the Dell Forums that he did not have an iPod, and made the call, and video to insult Apple, as was my suspicion, considering the tone of voice used did not sound very real for being told it would cost $255 to fix the battery.