Negative Responce Removed?

This makes me sick; removing negative responce :Z??

BTC IS TRASH and people who removed my message are the same… :Z

Happy burner (with NEC) :smiley:

I did not remove it. But bullshit posts like this one is better removed.

If you have complaints, just state what issues you had and what you did to verify that it was the writer causing it. Insted of just stating that it’s crap.

Yeah right…NOT!!!
Yep that is the way to approach it;

Well what strange that my Nec Burner on the same system is Burning A+ aka doing a great job???

Don’t piss me off here!!!

I’ve told you what I tryed; I bought different media; and spend my money to get coaster for it!!! My system is running great

So don’t come with your story here, I will nmot have that…

Happy Burner (NEC) DEF NOT BTC

It’s Better To Sort trash with trash

I think you should not post on here anymore, nembutal. Some people have had bad results with BTC drives, sure, but many have not. like me.

Many people have incompatible chipset drivers and bad bios settings and other problems but they blame BTC.

The trouble is that DVD writers are now so cheap that every dickhead with a PC buys one and starts to whine when they cannot get perfect results.

I know people who bought plenty of different brands of dvd writer and made coasters. Even the mighty Pioneer 106! And NEC as well. For reasons like above.

So stay away till you grow up.