.NEF File Association - help! Nero Encrypt?

I shoot a lot of pictures in NEF format, Nikon RAW Format uses .nef as its extension. Now t hat I installed Nero it has associated that extension with “Nero Encrypted File”!! If I chosse a file and right click it (XP) and try to change the association it won’t let me. GGGrrrrr! Anybody tell me how to undo this and reassociate .nef with either Nikon Capture or Adobe Bridge or even Picassa??

have you tried my computer|tools| folder options|file types
you should be able to re-associate your files to open with another program.
do you need to have nero photosnap? i think you can uninstall that program.

If I remember correctly you will have to uninstall nero and then reinstall it. But this time instead of using the default installation you will have to select custom and then I believe you have the option to choose which file association you want it to have.

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When I installed I elected NOT to even have Photosnap install.

I have used the solution found here:

with success I think- haven’t had time to verify it.

Your first suggestion above seemed to work well- thank you.

I have emailed Ahead Software to let them know how I feel about them taking over a broadly accepted and established file association without asking: [email to their support alias below]:…

When I installed Nero 7 Ultra on my XP SP2 machine, I told it NOT to take over file associations. Nonetheless it went ahead and associated .NEF/.nef with Nero Encrypted File or fomat…Nikon uses and has used for years .NEF as the extension for their RAW Files from Nikon DSLRs…now my 24,000 Nikon NEF RAW files are all associated to some Nero app. That is unacceptable- this is 2007, no program takes over a file extension that is in broad use and accepted by Adobe, Microsoft, Apple and others as Nikon’s RAW file format!
There are a few links below on this as well, but I’d like to know how to fix this and re-asssociate the files with Nikon Capture NX and/or Photoshop!

Thank you.



If you install picasa 3 http://picasa.google.com/thanks.html it will open those up so you can view them. Its a great photo program and its free