Neewbie-need help changing the booktype using DVD Shrink/Nero-can it be done?

Hi again, I’ve submitted a post in the Newbie forum, but so far, no replies:

Hi, I’m a newbie and I apologize in advance if I’m asking a question that’s already been answered.

I bought a bunch of DVD+R’s (cheap), but they don’t play on my DVD player (Toshiba, 5 yrs old). I’ve done lots of research and it seems I should be able to change the booktype in DVD Shrink, however, this option is not available. Is it even possible with my burner (LG)? Or, can I use DVD decrypter to change the booktype?

Thanks very much


no replies??? unless my counting abilities are wrong there were two replies to your question.vdk_au asked you to give the model of your your burner, but you did not is impossible to help you without this information so how are we to respond??? patience and some respect, especially for the people who took the time to respond is needed so please do not double post.

I aplogise if I upset you, jimmybob, and I certainly meant no disrespect. No one had replied at the time I wrote that and I thought, perhaps, I had submitted the question in the wrong forum. Didn’t mean to offend you so.