Neerlands Trots

Wat ik nu weer las, 2 Nederlandse jongens hebben de website van NVIDIA gehackt, toch weer iets om als Nederlander trots op te zijn… :wink:

"…In one of the first private enforcement actions against cross-border computer hacking detrimental to a publicly traded U.S. company, the international law firm of Coudert Brothers LLP has coordinated enforcement actions and settlement of a case against two Dutch computer hackers. The hackers posed as employees of San Jose’s NVIDIA Corporation to obtain highly confidential source code and new product release plans and post them on their computer news Web site.

According to Robert Christopher, Managing Partner for the Northern California offices of Coudert Brothers, who headed NVIDIA’s legal team, “In order to misappropriate NVIDIA’s information, the young men hacked into NVIDIA’s internal communications network and were fraudulently impersonating NVIDIA and Microsoft employees in e-mails to obtain proprietary intellectual property. NVIDIA’s information technology experts traced the e-mails back to their source in The Netherlands and, with the help of Dutch counsel, we were able to quickly obtain a seizure order and confiscate their personal computers as evidence.”

Christopher added that the motives of the two perpetrators seemed to be self-promotion and the sharing of information within the community of computer enthusiasts who enjoy using games and graphics products that employ chip technologies developed by NVIDIA. “They did not seem to be motivated by financial gain or any interest in harming the company,” Christopher said. “Although they admitted the information had been obtained illegally, they argued that they were providing a ‘public service’ to other computer enthusiasts who read their on-line newsletter.”…"


Mjah, ik vind dat hacken toch niet echt boeiend… …wat valt er bij nvidia nou te hacken?

mja holland heeft al davilex om trots op te zijn :wink:

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mja holland heeft al davilex om trots op te zijn :wink:

En AJAX :o