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Hey Everyone I’m new to the fourms page thing and need a little help. I use a Sony DVD RW DW-22A burner and get a cycle redundancy error when I burn burned dvds is there a way to get rid of this error and get a successful burn.
Thank you for your help in advance.

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Often this problem is due to a bad quality media. What discs are you using? And at what speed did you burn?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly to answer your questions:

  1. I use Sony DVD-R 120min/4.7GB DVD-R Ver 2.0/1x-8x

  2. I use the maximum or power burn speed

Thank you Ralph

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’d like to ask a clarification. What do you mean exactly for this?

…when I burn burned dvds…

Are you trying to burn an already burned media?

I’m sorry I wrote it wrong like I said i’m new at this hahahah

I use DVD shrink to pull my the information on to my hard drive from a burn dvd not a dvd the was produced by production company then dvd shrink asks to put in blank media which would be the Sony ones I just described as the information is being pulled over to my hard drive from my DVD RW DW-22A about half way thru it gives me a cycle redundancy error.

Thanks Ralph

If I understand correctly (sorry, english is not my primary language) you are trying to rip a dvd using dvd shrink. The disc you are trying to rip is the sony one, aka the disc that gice you the crc error. Is it correct?

the dvds im trying to rip from are Staples 120 Minute 4.7GB 16x speed

Then the error is when you are burning the disc.

Try to do a create data disc test with cd-dvd speed. In this way we can see what happen during the burning of these sony discs.

Download latest version of cd-dvd speed from here

ok I may missed a step when I put the staples DVD with the info to my Sony dvd burner and select dvd shrink to transfer the files to my hard drive before the burning process to my un-used Sony media that’s when I get the Cycle Redundancy error.

by the way where are you in Italy. I’m Italian myself

Post a thread in the italian forum, It will be easier to talk :wink:

I speak very little like hello good bye that’s about it sorry

Ok. Restarting, you get the CRC error when you are ripping the disc, not when you are writing it.

Is it correct?

Yes this is correctthe error happens when dvd shrink is pulling the info from the dvd writer which is in the dvd burner to the hard drive.

Then the source disc is ruined or dirty. Try to clean it.

Alternatively, try to rip it with a different drive.

thank you for all you help I dont have another drive in my home but I will first try to clean them if that does not work I will try to use the burner I have at work.
Thanks Again
Ralph Gualberto

If you don’t have another drive, ask to a friend.

Why use DVD Shrink at all? Have you tried a ‘disc copy’ using Nero? Since the source and destination are both DVD-5s, I don’t understand the need to shrink.

“Cyclic Redundency Error” is just Window’s retarted way of saying “it keeps giving an uncorrectable error when I try to read this one bit.” You’ll find that with bad burns (too high speed, poor quality media, screwy firmware, etc.) you’ll get these when attempting to copy files to your harddrive from the source disc – like what you’re running in to now. Chances are the source disc is either dirty/damaged like has already been suggested, or it was a bad burn in the first place. Look at the bottom (data side) and see if there are any lighter circles within the burned area. If there are chances are that’s what it is.