Needs ideas: songs having to do with hotels

A friend of mine is leaving the job we both work at, I need songs with the word hotel in the title (if you can also list the artist) I have a few already, they are hotel california, by the eagles (thats a very obvious one) chelsea hotel by Leonard cohen. hotel hell, by the animals, gods hotel by nick cave, and Room service, by kiss. any ideas would be most helpful. Even if you know a song called “wake up call” or reservation, as long as it has to do with hotels. thanks.

Heart Break Hotel…Elvis

go here and here and here.

allmusic made my firewall go crazy. Have you had any problems with them.

how about that song Holiday Inn…by…Chingy’s just ads and such.I just went in and deleted the selected ip’s.Just shut your firewall down for that site.It’ll be cool.