Needing some help!

hello freaks … im needing some help . ive just upgraded my lite-on 32x12x40 to 48x12x40 and after upgrading nero to 55.82 tried to burn a cd to cd and keep gettin a medium error message saying there is not enough room on the media .the motherboard is abit kr7a raid and 1600 athlon 1.50 gigs of ddr and the operating system is xp home edition . i have set overburn to 90 mins and so on . and still getting the same error . i have tried clone which seems to work . but that does not let me compile a cd of audio

If you enable [b]overburning[/b] in Nero’s settings, you can write data to a cdr even if the disc cannot hold the amount of data that it officially can handle. Note that you can only overburn a few MB’s, so if you add to much MB’s the burnprocess will fail!

When I use 700MB cdr’s I can overburn till about 712MB’s without Nero giving any errors. The amount of data that can be stored on each cdr (including overburn) depends on the type of disc!

right click the compilation, check no-multisession, and then check disc at once. enabling overburning does jack-s*it without disc at once :D…found that out 3 days ago. and now im done using virtualdub to shorten avi’s