Needing help with R100

First off I have to admit that I’m “computer challenged.” I know next to nothing on how to work half the stuff on my computer.

I wanted something to record my animes (AVIs) and to make copies of other dvds. This Christmas I was given the Pioneer R100 and after “consulting” with 3 other friends, we still aren’t any closer in understanding how to work this thing. I’ve searched online to find some kind of tutorial or instruction but no luck. sigh

All I want to do is move the AVIs off my computer - preferably in a format that I can watch them on my dvd (I know I need another program for that so suggestions welcomed) - AND to copies some other DVDs. I’ve found the menu DVD TO DVD but I only have one DVD drive, the other is just CD. How can I copy the DVD into a “DVD folder” so that I can copy it onto the DVD?

I know I’m asking for a lot of help here but I’m really wanting to learn. HELP!

The first thing you want to do is update the firmware in the drive. Your drive is actually a 110D, and you should be able to use the firmware on TDB’s page, I reccomend you try and load version “8.37 INT” this will allow your drive to booktype dvd+r into dvd-rom and make it more compatable.

If you want to back up one of your dvd’s then you have to first copy it to your hard drive using a program like dvd decrypter. then use a program like shrink 32, or nero recode, to make the movie fit on a single layer disc.

If you are using nero, then simply select data dvd, add your avi files and then burn the disc.

Answers were already given in this forum. By using SEARCH you can easily find them.

I hate to be a problem but I honestly did try searching, but couldn’t find anything specific to the writer - like “How to” burn dvd to dvd, make copy of dvd into dvd folder…

If you want to transcode avi>dvd compatible format you could visit and which have all necessary info. :wink: