Needing help reformatting a new USB Hard Drive

Thanking anyone in advance… I recently bought a new Western Digital 1 TB USB hard drive and some how it became inaccessable with some sort of a VHD? type file. I have not installed any software on it nor have I unplugged it without useing the safe to remove hardware option in Windows 7 and cannot reformat or erase the contents on the drive. I’m retired and cannot afford to pay anyone to fix this problem. Please HELP !
Thanking you in advance,
REXAJONES in Palm Bay Florida USA

Wait for other opinions but which progs. have you used to reformat with?
I would assume W7 disc management would do this yet don’t know details.
What do you see while in disc management?
There are cd booting progs. that should do it if Windows can’t handle it.

Many USB hard drives come with pre-installed back-up software. A VHD file might be created by this back-up software. It would be an image of your internal hard drive contents. And likely write-protected and only easily manipulated by the program that created it.
Is there such a program on your USB drive?

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