Needing Advice

I am having the usual problems copying the safedisc 2 copy protection. I can make the copy fine, the game will load but the sound is crapped out on tony hawk 2 (while in the menu’s). With Max Payne the sound is fine during the intro but once you enter the menu of the game the sounds is distorted, echoing, clicking, poping etc… And does it throughout the game as well.

Now to tell you what I have,

AMD athalon 1.2ghz
Viatech chipset (updated with the most current 4 in 1 drivers)
640 megs ram
Nvidia GE Force 2 GTS pro 64 meg DDR
Creative Sound Blaster Audio PCI 128 (WDM)
80 gig hd
Plexwriter 24/10/40A V.1.02
HP CD-Writer Plus 9300i 10/4/32
Lucky Goldstar CD/DVD drive

the programs I’ve tried with settings

Clone CD
read speed 1x
read subchannel data from data tracks
read subchannel data from audio tracks
fast error skip settings:
read retries = 5
error correction = none

Those setting make the copy, but sound issues are still there with both games.

CD Mate
safedisc 2 settings in the burning wizard

Makes the copy but has the same sound issues.

All copies are being read to the HD at 1x and burned at max speed. I have tried slowing down the burn process and that hasn’t worked either.

I have made nearly 20 coasters trying different settings with both these burning programs, I bought my plex writer because it is supposed to be the best and I am very disappointed with it. I am very tired of burning coasters and am asking for anyones input as to what I need to do to make a good copy.


I don’t think CloneCD or CD Mate is the problem here but the VIA chipset with the Creative soundcard… I can’t remember where I read it though, sorry :frowning:

The Plextor isn’t the problem and you should read at full speed. There’s no need to check the SubChannel Data read options since SafeDisc 2 doesn’t use them. Also set the error correction either to hardware or software and don’t use none (Olli doesn’t recommend it).

I would try getting the latest drivers for your soundcard.

There is also a patch for the VIA chipset that has helped some people with their sound problems. You can get it here.