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Wazzup? I am in the navy stationed in smoggy japan.Graet to visit sucks to survive here, Anyways I am new to these postings here, not nessasarily to the ideas involved. I upgraded from a backup of clone dvd to dvd2 and it works great except as before now I have issues with the audio on movies such as gothica and my first fifty dates I show complete movie all is well untill I go to play back and surprise the audio will be overrun by rather annoying comentary at best and no audio at all at worst with the video being otherwise outstanding quality for a backup. I am on a amd 1600+ home “project POS” with xp pro installed a lousy 400 watt power supply ect.That is another issue all to geather the blasted thing recently started to get a green "stripe is the best word accross the top and it freezes up totally forcing me to reboot I was searching around and it is leading me to beleive my ram at a whimpy 512 is nowhere near enough anymore. That I realize but is this really the culprit or is this a doomed peice of crap I am using. anyways I realize that this string is off the subject but am really short of face time on the glass here, due to the better half always complaing about the glass time and how I don’t do anything else. Thanks for your advise in advance …

When selecting audio tracks, on the right side of the screen is the preferences. Typically I select the AC3/6 (6 Channel) as my preference. On the left, you can select all the other tracks to include on the disc. But, only the preference will play by default.

If you search on this subject, you will find other posts with screenshots.