Needin help badley

been usein nero forever and recelent changed to nero 7 and in have a bit o a problem i can burn ISO music but when i comes to doin a dvd its a difrent story i get about 10 mins in to the transcodeing process and the whole pc shuts down and restarts its self i have made about 15 coasters trying to solve this problem i have also recently up graded my pc from a amd 1100 to a pentiun dulecore 2.66ghz cant seem to fin wht thwe prob is any help would greatfule thanks again , weedsmoka,stoned and @ my wits end
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Did you upgrade your power supply as well?

I was about to say the same thing. Sounds like heat is shutting you down. I’d check your cooling fans and also check the power demand on your supply and also may be consider a CPU cooling fan.

I spent hours trying to burn a videodisc to show on the projector at church.
I actually found out I didn’t ruin the disc but after the computer shutting down I forget how many times I finally made one with 2 pictures real exciting YEAH
I drop in a 1 Gb ram and now everything is sweet :bow: I now have 1.75 Gb and can’t wait to drop in another one and move the extra to the old back up computer and see if that solve the problem of the blue screen that pops up on a random basis