Needed Software

Hi everyone :smiley:

What kinds of applications would you like to have available but do
not exist?
Something that would make a common every-day (computer
related task) much easier?
Something that could make any day to day task easier and organized??

In other words, what would be on your software wish list??

i want a program that can convert what i say into commands that are run on the computer. I want it to do what i mean, but not what i say - if what i say and what i mean are conflicting.

Yes Ill go for 1 of those :bigsmile: my computer gets realy confused at times ,with my typing :wink:

lol :stuck_out_tongue:
how about a little more something practical…
something you need to help organize your life in a way… simple financial program… planning software… :stuck_out_tongue: am not sure… I wana develop something that could very useful to many people! :slight_smile: Something easy to use and does the job needed

I would like a Cyberdyne Systems Model 850 terminator (clone of myself) to go to work for me.:smiley:

I am opening my own business…Doggie Daycare…and I would like a program that lets me put all the clients name in like on a calender, and any special needs that the dog may have , like allergic to chicken, or needs meds at so and so time, or doesn’t like other dogs…a program that will help make my business easier.