Needed Help From You Mod Experts


Please note the following that concenrs some of us, and we need help by calling on your expertise tooand wondering if you could take your time and look on this isse that we need help; Thanks; TCAS

etp/ripit; Wrote:

This is an outstanding DVD reader and CD ripper. But several of us need help on improving the burn speed process on DVDs. This drive starts out at very low speeds and ends at the max for the specified media. TY02 +8XR MIJ burns at 12X at the end but takes forever to get there. Usually more than 9 minutes. Other media is the same. Sometimes 8X will burn faster than 12X. Strange.
Would anyone like to take this on as a project, or is it a waste of time?

Which drive are you reffering too?

Dee; Thank you for your response, the drive in question is AOPEN 16X burner
“Model DUW1608” with firmwere 1080.

I don’t know anything about these drives and I probably don’t have time to learn everything from scratch. Plus it’s unclear for me if it’s as “trivial” as patching writing speeds / booktype as you first have to find the routines that need to be patched.

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