Needed : good n46 emu + rom tony hawk skateboarding

I already tried megagames and some other sites but those downloads didn;t worked.
Also I like to know wich emulator works witm my videocard : s3 savage 4 16mb

the only emu that’ll run tony hawks is nemu, you can get it from Tony hawks is available at
It should work but if not get an updated nemu ini from this helps

I already found them myself but thanx anyway.
But I have some problems.
First of all I can’t play Pokemon stadium and tony hawk skateboarding with ULTRAHLE and with Nemu I can’t play Pokemon stadium.
I CAN play tony hawk skateboarding but it’s very slow on my pIII 500mhz and you see a gray block instead of a shadow.
I also tried tony hawk psx with Bleem but this was even more worse…the graphics were soo bad

The best idea is trying trwin from The newest WIP version will play tony hawks. On my 433 celeron its playable at a decent speed without sound. I don’t know what pokemon stadium will work on but I’ll try to find out.hope this helps.

hi i cant download pokomon stadium or any other roms from this site, could someone please help me. could someone please mail me the rom pokomon stadium or uplouded to a idrive. thanks